Why Buy From Better Way

Purchasing a vehicle is a large investment. In fact, a car purchase is often the largest investment people make other than their homes. And, choosing the right vehicle is tricky. Determining what dealership to visit is often even tougher. Thankfully, for those who can travel to Naugatuck, Connecticut, there is an excellent dealership that offers high-quality vehicles priced well below market value. Read below to find out why A Better Way Wholesale Auto is Connecticut’s premier used auto dealer:

Better Way Wholesale Autos of Naugatuck, Connecticut is a family owned and operated dealership, which has provided top-quality pre-owned vehicles to their customers since 1999.

Better Way Wholesale feels they have found a better way to offer the public what they need in a high-quality vehicle. Better Way Wholesale Autos obtains SUVs, trucks and cars in bulk allowing them to lower the purchase price of their vehicles.

How Better Way Naugatuck, CT obtains inventory:

Most dealers acquire vehicles through auctions, other dealers or individuals. This means they are only gaining one vehicle at a time, or at most, two or three. However, Better Way Wholesale’s vehicles come mostly from lease buy outs or banks. This means Better Way is able to gain large amounts of vehicles from a single source thus lowering their overhead cost and driving prices down. Many local and national banks have built a strong relationship with A Better Wholesale Autos ensuring a steady influx of high-quality inventory.

How A Better Way assures quality inventory:

Some people are hesitant to buy a pre-owned vehicle. However, there is no need to worry when purchasing from Better Way. Before placing a vehicle on their lot, Better Way Wholesale puts it through a rigorous safety inspection. In addition, affordable warranties are offered to customers ranging from basic powertrain up to bumper-to-bumper coverage for added peace of mind.

What happens if a vehicle requires service?

All vehicles, no matter how nice, will eventually require some service. A Better Way Wholesale offers its customer’s access to their NAPA Certified AutoCare Center. In addition, mandatory continuing education programs for all service techs ensure high-quality service.

How important is customer satisfaction to A Better Way Wholesale Autos?

Customer satisfaction is of paramount importance to A Better Way. Offering quality products to people at affordable rates is the foundation of their business. The following are real customers of Better Way who have shared their buying experiences:

Bob. H. says, “I just wanted to thank you for being so helpful in my purchase of the BMW. You made the whole experience a breeze, which I was not expecting! Thanks again!”

Walt says, “Once again you found the right truck for me. I think this was number four, and I know I will be back for number five. Thanks again for all your help!”

These comments from satisfied Better Way customers tell potential buyers all they need to know about this fantastic dealership. They are honest and trustworthy wishing only to provide those in need of a vehicle with a high-quality auto at a reasonable price.